The Chili Chipotle

Our main ingredient and flavor driver of our sauce is the chili chipotle. But what exactly is behind this name and especially how is the intense flavor created? Mexico is known for delicious dishes and spicy seasoning. This culinary development found its origin thousands of years ago. Even the indigenous people used the jalapeño in its natural form or in a smoked version as chipotle to flavor their dishes. An interesting fact about this is that the long tradition regarding the use of chipotle did not originate because of the taste. The jalapeños were smoked to preserve them and make them last longer. Thus, the smoking was a means to an end. Today, the unique, smoky flavor of the Chili Chipotle is an important part of Mexican cuisine and it is impossible to imagine life without it. The chipotle also lends its unmistakable racy flavor to our Salsa Chipeño.

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The three Chipotle Chili's in the different colors (pictured above) show the journey of this chili. Initially freshly picked in green color, it continues to mature on its way to the smoker until it turns red. After smoking, it acquires the charecteristic dark imprint.